Our Demands


We demand that the City of Seattle prioritize the health, power, and future of our communities by divesting from policing and prisons. #BlocktheBunker is building up our powerful communities, who must be the ones entrusted to respond to our increasingly complex needs. We will not stop until we ensure our people have what it takes to thrive in this city.

When the people rise up, we will win, and we will not rest until we do.

1. No money allocated to the new police precinct #BlocktheBunker

2. No REET modifications to allow police precinct

3. Bonds taken out to be given to social services I.e. Homelessness, drug epidemic – safe consumption spaces, etc.

4. The 15 million should go towards extreme low income housing

5. Do not hire 200 more police officers.#NoNewPolice

6. Public disclosure of complaints made against police.

7. Enforce DOJ decree to fire the problematic 44

8. City council members should support community efforts towards #NoNewYouthJail

9. Council meetings at a “decent time”.

10. Dismantle the Seattle police department Union (SPOG)

11. Community oversight that’s community elected with power to fire police officers and appoint an independent prosecutor for police involved violence

12. No police riot gear, rubber bullets, no mace, batons, bikes as weapons & blast balls – as currently used by SPD against those exercising their right to protest

13. Dismantle bike cops

14. Mayor should make contract negotiations with police public and allow for community comment

15. Advocate for community-led solutions instead of police as first responders. #InvestinCommunity

16. Hire something similar to a secret shopper to monitor police

17. Stop houselessness raids and removal from city land